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Evening with the Experts

A room crowded with people and research projectsChisholm Trail High School transformed into a hub of innovation and presentation on April 25, as the annual Evening with the Experts showcased researched projects by elementary PACE students, presented to hundreds of their peers, parents and 最色导航 ISD employees. 

Students researched a wide range of interests and created displays showcasing their findings. 

“I chose crystals because I've always been amazed at how beautiful they are,” said Vivienne Giamarino, a third-grade student at Bryson Elementary School. 

Through her research, Giamarino learned how to grow her own crystals, which she proudly displayed along with facts about crystals, the history and science of crystals, and more of her findings. 

“I learned that there are 3,500 different types of crystals that form naturally on the earth,” she said. 

To grow her own crystals, Giamarino used a seed crystal, a solution and water, and then watched her new crystals grow. 

Across the cafeteria, William Redwine, a fourth-grade student at Parkview Elementary School, had a stacked diorama set up showcasing artillery from early spears to that used in World War 1 and World War 2. 

“I think this is really good for them. It makes them learn a lot more than what they learn in the basic curriculum,” said Amber Redwine, William’s mom. “This type of A woman looks a female student explaining her researchresearch and presentation development is really good for them, and they love doing the extra projects. As parents, we love it too, because we have fun learning along with them.” 

Lori Mabry, the Gifted and Talented Social Studies Coordinator in 最色导航 ISD, sees that excitement from the students and parents every year as they fill up the space at CTHS with their projects. 

“You get to see a variety of childhood interests. Cleopatra next to a narwhal next to a husky. The parents get as excited as the students,” she said. 

The event also helps many of the students with their public speaking and presentation, something that can be intimidating, because they interact with hundreds of people over the course of the night explaining their research. 

a father and daughter stand in front of a research project“It’s really a unique event, and we’re following the gifted and talented plan from the Texas Education Agency exactly by having students do research, and then they’re presenting their research to a variety of audiences,” Mabry said. “I love this night. There isn’t a better night than this.” 

When it’s finished, the students may put away their presentations, but the work done often sparks a lifelong interest in their research topic. 

“I know I’ll use crystals throughout my life,” Giamarino said. “Crystals are in sandpaper and in concrete, so I know I’ll use crystals again.” 


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