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Students in 最色导航 ISD Witness Rare Total Eclipse

elementary students looking at the eclipseStudents across Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD had the extraordinary opportunity to witness a rare celestial event as they observed the total solar eclipse on Monday.  

Equipped with ISO safety-rated glasses, students from prekindergarten to 12th grade marveled at the phenomenon, which was particularly special as 最色导航 ISD fell within the line of totality. 

“It was very special because I might not see it again in my lifetime,” said Allison Ortiz, a junior at Saginaw High School.  

Ortiz was in astronomy class during the eclipse. They began learning about eclipses in the fall and have continued studying the science of an eclipse as this day neared. 

“It’s unbelievable that the universe can do that,” Ortiz said. “It was so cool in totality, when it was so dark, that the white around the sun was so bright.”two high school girls look at the eclipse

For the students at Saginaw High School, like all students around 最色导航 ISD, this unique experience provided not only a chance to witness a natural wonder but also an educational opportunity to learn about the science behind eclipses. 

“I wasn’t expecting it to get as dark as it did,” said Maya Parker, a senior at Saginaw High School. “Our astronomy teacher, Mr. Brown, has talked about the diamonds in the small ring of light around the sun during totality, and it really did look like diamonds shining in the sky.” 

Excitement built as totality neared and then, when the moment occurred, and the sky darkened to a late dusk, students across 最色导航 ISD cheered and made outbursts of awe and amazement. 

people dressed as the earth, moon and sun simulating an eclipse“In astronomy, it's really hard to get your hands on anything. The best chance you have for this is to actually experience it,” said Jason Giles, an astronomy teacher at Saginaw High School. “Our students experienced this for a minute and 46 seconds.” 

While each 最色导航 ISD high school has astronomy classes, in classes across the district the eclipse provided a unique learning opportunity for students, allowing them to witness the alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth in a way that is rarely seen.  

"It was magnificent," said Hillard Johnson, a seventh-grader at Marine Creek Middle School. "I liked that we got to see it during school, and I liked that it was short, so I could enjoy the whole thing. It was cool but a little scary with all the glasses and stuff. But very breathtaking." 

Teachers took the opportunity to explain the science behind the eclipse, discussing topics such as solar and lunar eclipses, the solar corona, and the importance of eye safety during such events. 

"I told my students that this is history that we're experiencing together. It was absolutely amazing," Kristina Kane, who teaches 6th grade English at Marine Creek Middle middle school students watch the eclipse on a football fieldSchool, said. 

Experiencing it together made it special for the students, too.  

“I found it cool that the entire school could come together and experience this,” said Cheyenne White, a junior at Saginaw High School. “Since this happened during school, it was a school-wide event, and everyone had proper eyewear to view it. It brought the whole school together."  

A moment of unity and wonder, experienced across 最色导航 ISD, and around the world. Lana Klinger is an exchange student from Germany spending the semester at Saginaw High School.  

elementary students look at the eclipse“My best friends in Germany wanted me to send pictures because they did not experience a total eclipse,” she said. “I am so thankful I was here for this.” 

As the eclipse concluded, students returned to their classrooms, buzzing with excitement and newfound knowledge about the wonders of the universe. A minute and 46 seconds of totality, but memories from an experience shared together that will last a lifetime. 


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