• Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Fine Arts 

    1600 Mustang Rock Rd. | Fort Worth, TX 76179 | 817.232.0880
    Fine Arts Department Mission Statement
    To provide an innovative performance-based curriculum designed to prepare all students to successfully reach their academic and creative potential in a diverse society while fostering a life-long appreciation and involvement in the arts.
    Fine Arts Education
    • Strengthens learning across curricula through problem-solving, decision-making, and practical applications in Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science
    • Develops a strong work ethic, self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, pride, and respect for others through performances and exhibitions
    • Produces creative and disciplined thinkers who set goals and continually evaluate individual and group progress
    • Provides opportunities to develop communication and leadership skills through artistic expression
    • Develops an awareness of cultural contributions to the global community while exploring issues, concepts, and ideas
    • Fosters an appreciation of the Fine Arts throughout history and culture
    • Promotes an understanding of the influence of the Fine Arts on history and culture
  • NAMM 2023 logo
    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD ranks among the nation’s top communities for support of music education. For the 10th consecutive year, the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM) recognizes Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD for its outstanding commitment to music education with a Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) designation. From visual arts and mixed media, to choir and theatre, to band and dance, to music and art programs for all ages, ɫ ISD is proud to offer a variety of Fine Arts opportunities for students to explore and experience!