• Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator

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    Misty Germaine   Misty Germaine
      Curriculum Coordinator / Elementary Mathematics, Pre-K - 5th Grade
      Phone: 817-847-7793, Ext. 6663
      Fax: 817-234-9258

    ɫ ISD Mathematics Philosophy
    Acknowledging the importance of mathematical proficiency in today's world, the goal of ɫ ISD is to provide students with mathematical experiences that develop competence, knowledge, and facility in order to be creative problem solvers. Mathematical proficiency includes deep comprehension of mathematical concepts, proficiency and flexibility in procedures, the ability to model real world situations mathematically, the use of logic and reasoning to justify solutions, and the conviction that mathematics is sensible, useful and within each person's reach. ɫ ISD views mathematics education not as a series of independent courses, but as a coherent study, K through 12, that delves ever-deeper into mathematical concepts.